Christ calls us to go deeper with Him where greater riches and service lie, so this series study will encourage believers to trust and obey Jesus' call to go deeper in their faith, surrendering their own control and allowing God's transformative work in their lives. 


Pastor Val Gittens

When it comes to spiritual warfare, many believers in Christ must be fully aware and prepared for the invisible war against them. Some even ridicule the extreme forces against them that attempt to discourage, dislodge, and defeat the child of God in every area of their lives. Be the victor God created you to be and defeat those forces that wage against you!



This course of the discipleship process is to introduce the Christian, regardless of spiritual maturity, to be informed (Ignite), conFormed (Light), and transFormed (Fire) in our relationship with Christ through a small Group four-week holistic lifelong journey of instruction.


Objectives: By the end of this four-week session, participants and fellow learners will be able to do the following through Socratic dialog, class instruction, exegetical exercises, and weekly applicational assignments:

• Apply basic exegetical principles to scripture study regarding Spiritual Warfare and the need to wage war.

• Clearly articulate the identity, role, and function of Spiritual Warfare in the believer's life.

•Evaluate the health of our Spiritual Life through practicing the Spiritual Disciplines to conduct Spiritual Warfare.

•Provide a strategy to become more effective as a soldier of Christ.


The Course begins February 13th at 7:30 pm via Zoom for 4 weeks.


Registration is only $40. This does not include course books.